April 7, 2023 (Brockton, MA)

It’s going to be a busy summer in Brockton as the MassHire Greater Brockton Workforce Board (MassHireGBWB) prepares to place 224 youth ages 16-25 in employment experiences through YouthWorks, a state-funded youth employment program that helps teens and young adults develop skills and experience needed to find and keep jobs. MassHireGBWB has been awarded $1,334,774 for paid work placements during the summer at public, private, and nonprofit work sites. As part of the program, youth from the greater Brockton region will receive training in core soft skills, practice professional behavior and learn how to work effectively with supervisors, co-workers, and customers at their work sites. Employers participating in YouthWorks receive support and guidance from MassHire Greater Brockton Workforce Board staff throughout the program.

MassHireGBWB is committed to preparing young people for the world of work, our YouthWorks program will provide young people with work-readiness workshops including health and safety on the job.  For 15 years, MassHireGBWB has run the summer jobs program, orientating hundreds of youths in employment experiences that has impacted them and the community they live in.  “This summer is going to be one of our best, we are excited to offer these opportunities to the young adults in our region.” stated David Vincent, Director of Youth Employment for MassHireGBWB. To assist in the placement of youth, MassHireGBWB issues a Request for Referral to organizations & businesses who are interested in hiring more than one youth, this is posted on  Participants in the program learn about their paperwork—e.g., work permits and understand the steps involved in getting paid and youth coordinators and case managers are available to act as intermediaries for employers and coach young people through the job placement process.  Youth who are looking to join the Program can apply on our website’

About MassHire Greater Brockton Workforce Board

The MassHire Greater Brockton Workforce Board is a business-led, policy-setting board that oversees workforce development initiatives in our ten-community region. MassHire Greater Brockton Workforce Board, along with the Mayor of Brockton, charters MassHire Greater Brockton Career Center, the One Stop Career Center operated by the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute. Providing oversight and leveraging resources, MassHire Greater Brockton Workforce Board works with our community leaders to respond to current trends in our region.

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Executive Advisor

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