In 2015, Massachusetts adopted the High School Equivalency Test by The Education testing Service as a replacement to the GED. The program is offered in both a paper and computer test form and will cover reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. The first phase of implementation (current) will be very similar to the old format and gradually incorporate the Common Core State Standards.

To help youth in the Brockton area, YouthWorks offers it’s Engaged Program. Engaged is a free online course to help 16-24-year old’s pass the HiSET. The program provides its students the option to study from home and receive assistance from YouthWorks staff. It’s designed for students to work at their own pace while completing interactive tutorials and ongoing assessments that monitor the students’ progress.

Because the majority of the coursework will be done without an instructor present, the course is ideal for those who are self-starters and possess time management skills. Basic computer skills are also required. It is also designed for students that may struggle in a classroom based HiSET program because of transportation, learning challenges, childcare issues, work schedules, etc.